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Academic Alliances

Knowledge exchange is my fundamental belief. In this Academic Alliances section, I showcase my dedication to excellence, extending beyond individual efforts. Through strategic partnerships and collaborative endeavours with esteemed academic institutions, I cultivate a dynamic environment for knowledge exchange and professional development. These alliances are fundamental to my mission of advancing AI education and other training endeavours to empower professionals. Explore my academic partnerships and discover the collective impact I make in shaping the future of learning and innovation.

AI Literacy Workshop @ Institute Of Business Management, Aug 2023

In August 2023, the Institute of Business Management hosted an AI Literacy Workshop for MBA students and faculty. The session aimed to enhance understanding of AI's benefits in modern business. Through interactive discussions, attendees explored AI's potential in decision-making and strategic insights, empowering them to integrate AI effectively into their academic and professional journeys. The event not only promoted AI literacy but also sparked enthusiasm and curiosity among participants, paving the way for informed and proactive engagement with AI in their academic and professional pursuits.

AI Discussion Dynamics @ GHS-IMR, Sept 2023

In Sept 2023, I had a stimulating discussion with students and faculty of Dr. Gaur Hari Singhania Institute of Management & Research on the topic of artificial intelligence and its future. This session explored the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, promoting a dynamic exchange of ideas and perspectives. Participants engaged in insightful dialogue, exploring the multifaceted aspects of AI's impact on various industries and societal domains. The discussion provided a platform for collaborative learning, as attendees shared their insights, concerns and visions for the future of AI. It was a valuable opportunity to deepen understanding and stimulate critical thinking about the dynamic forces shaping the AI discourse.


Role Of AI In Startup Development @ Jagaran College of Art, Science And Commerce, Oct, 2023

In October 2023 a compelling discourse unfolded at Jagaran College of Art, Science and Commerce, centered on 'The Role of AI in Startup Development. Participants were immersed in a comprehensive examination of how artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping the startup landscape. Engaging in discussions, attendees explored the numerous ways AI technologies empower entrepreneurs to innovate, streamline operations and enhance customer experiences. Through insightful dialogue and practical examples, participants gained invaluable insights into leveraging AI tools and strategies to establish startup ventures with ease. The session served as a catalyst for participants to grasp the transformative potential of AI within the startup ecosystem, inspiring them to explore new horizons in entrepreneurial pursuits.


AI Enabler Programme For Smart Teaching @ CSJM University, Nov 2023

In November 2023, a pioneering 'AI Enabler Programme for Smart Teaching' was hosted at CSJM University, tailored for B.Ed. students. The initiative aimed to incorporate automation into teaching practices, advancing smart teaching methodologies. Through this programme, participants explored how artificial intelligence (AI) can facilitate enhanced educational experiences and optimise teaching processes by utilising AI tools and technologies. Attendees gained insights into implementing efficient and dynamic teaching approaches and nurturing a more engaging and adaptive learning environment by using AI.

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Artificial Intelligence For Research In Social Science By Association Of Indian Universities (AIU), Feb 2024

In February 2024, the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) organised an enlightening event titled 'Artificial Intelligence for Research in Social Science.' This initiative aimed to explore the application of artificial intelligence (AI) within the realm of social science research. Participants were exposed to the discussions highlighting the potential of AI technologies to revolutionise research methodologies and outcomes in social sciences. With the demonstration of AI tools, participants gained a deeper understanding of how AI can enhance data analysis, pattern recognition and decision-making processes in social science research. The event provided a valuable platform for academic exchange and collaboration, paving way for innovation and advancement in the field.

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FEDP Programme @ CSJM University, March 2024

The FEDP Programme at CSJM University in March 2024 explored the pivotal role of artificial intelligence (AI) in generating innovative ideas, particularly within the context of entrepreneurship. AI's ability to quickly understand and produce alternatives enables entrepreneurs to rapidly explore and refine new concepts, leading to the development of groundbreaking solutions that might have otherwise been unattainable. This synergy between human thinking and AI's creativity has opened up new avenues for innovation, enabling entrepreneurs to create novel products, services and business models that are transforming industries and shaping the future.

Faculty Development Programme @ JIM, March 2024

The Jagran Institute of Management in Kanpur hosted a Faculty Development Programme (FDP) in March 2024 that focused on the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools in education. The FDP aimed to equip educators with the knowledge and skills necessary to leverage cutting-edge AI technologies to enhance teaching and learning outcomes. Participants explored key AI-based tools including OpenAI's ChatGPT, which can provide targeted information and support to students. The FDP also covered emerging fields like prompt engineering, which helps extract precise and accurate information from AI systems. By integrating AI tools into their teaching practices, the participating faculty members gained the ability to create more engaging, personalised and effective learning experiences for their students, ultimately contributing to the advancement in education techniques.

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