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Namaste! I am Satyen.

I am delighted to have you here. This website serves as a window into my journey, experiences and expertise spanning over the years in various domains. With a strong educational foundation and a wealth of professional experiences, I am excited to share my story with you. 

I am a versatile individual with a dual background in management and law. For over two decades, I have been an integral part of the corporate landscape, contributing to sectors including management, sales, marketing, strategy and production. My journey has been characterised by an unwavering commitment to excellence and a drive to make meaningful contributions to the business world. My professional journey has been enriched by working with esteemed organisations such as Godrej, Haier, Videocon and Onida. Through my roles in these organisations, I have garnered extensive insights into diverse industries, honing my skills in various facets of business management like sales, marketing, strategy, training and operations.

With a passion for innovation and a penchant for entrepreneurship, I have spent almost a decade immersed in the startup ecosystem. My endeavours have spanned diverse niches, including curriculum design, personality assessment, parenting, handmade natural cosmetics and AI Education & AI Tools. This eclectic mix of experiences has not only broadened my horizons but has also allowed me to cultivate a unique perspective on business and creativity.

My current focus is on the dynamic world of artificial intelligence. I am actively engaged in AI training, equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to harness the potential of AI and AI tools like ChatGPT. With a forward-looking approach towards AI literacy, I aim to empower others to navigate the evolving technological landscape with confidence and proficiency. You may refer my website on the subject.

Thank you for visiting my profile website. It's a pleasure to connect with you and share the chapters of my journey. Feel free to explore further to learn more about my experiences, insights and contributions to the realms of business, creativity and education/training.

Satyen Srivastava, a experienced professional turned entrepreneur, deeply involved in AI Education to promote AI Literacy.

Satyen Srivastava

AI Growth Expert

+ 91 - 9140 - 38 44 59



Lucknow / Noida


30 Years




Since October 2021

Director - AI Growth

SNS Innovation Labs Pvt. Ltd.

As the Director of AI Growth, I pioneered AI education initiatives, merging my management expertise with a passion for artificial intelligence. Leading cross-functional efforts, I elevated our AI education programmes, cultivating innovation and proficiency.

Since February 2018


Kosalpur Raja Ramchandra Udyog LLP

The brand name of the business is GreenSpa. I leveraged a decade of entrepreneurship to craft exquisite and premium handmade natural cosmetics, driving brand excellence and sustainability through innovative formulations and strategic branding.

July 2013 - Jan 2016


IAMI India Research & Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

At IAMI, my role encompassed designing VAK-based curriculum, conducting pivotal personality assessments and driving innovative parenting projects; all converging to facilitate holistic growth and transformation.

April 2011 - June 2013

Business Manager

Mirc Electronics Ltd. (Onida)

With a diverse skill set, I navigated the realms of sales and marketing, contributing to the company's growth trajectory. Collaborating with cross-functional teams, I implemented strategies that elevated revenue and company's positioning.

April 2010 - March 2011

Videocon Industries Ltd.

Product Head

During my time at Videocon, I had the privilege to lead and contribute in a significant way. I worked closely with a dedicated team, guiding the journey of product sale that was in its last leg of its PLC. The experience was truly unique and unlike any other.

Aug 2007 - March 2010

Product Head

Tech India Charging Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

From the inception of this venture, I have been committed to providing innovative and reliable solutions for powering mobile devices. This journey has been fueled by a passion for enhancing user experience and ensuring seamless connectivity on-the-go.

Oct 2003 - July 2007

Sr. Branch Manager

Hair Appliances India Pvt. Ltd.

At Haier, I undertook the challenge of establishing a distribution network from scratch for  company. Overcoming the obstacles that come with a new venture, I successfully navigated the complexities to build a robust distribution system.

April 1995 - Sept 2003

Branch Manager

Godrej Appliances Ltd.

At Godrej, I led a large distribution network, overseeing sales, marketing, training, branch operations, demand forecasting and sales projections etc. This multifaceted role enriched my skills and contributed to the company's success.

May 1994 - March 1995

Area Manager

Godrej Foods Ltd.

Godrej Foods marked the foundation of my journey, equipping me with essential skills in distribution and sales. This early experience laid the groundwork for my successful career path where I learnt the essentials of large distribution network management.




Bachelor Of Law, LLB

University Of Kanpur

This educational journey provided me with a comprehensive understanding of legal principles, enabling me to approach intricate legal matters with confidence.


University Of Kanpur

Masters In Business Administration, MBA

his educational endeavour equipped me with the tools to navigate the complexities of the corporate world, fostering a blend of analytical thinking and innovative problem-solving.


Bachelor Of Science, B.Sc.

University Of Kanpur

This degree nurtured my curiosity for the natural world and provided the groundwork for my future academic and professional pursuits. It was a foundational chapter in my educational journey



AI Education & Training

Business Management & Marketing

Communication & Collaboration

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Distribution & Sales Management

Time Discipline & Productivity



AI Education

With a strong foundation in AI and a passion for education, I excel in simplifying intricate AI concepts. My expertise lies in training and educating individuals on AI technologies and tools, such as ChatGPT, bridging the gap between technical knowledge and practical application.

Management & Productivity

Over decades of corporate experience, I have honed strategic management, sales and marketing skills. My expertise extends to enhancing productivity, implementing time management techniques and ensuring efficient team collaboration to achieve organisational goals.

Entrepreneurial Innovation

My entrepreneurial ventures show my proficiency in recognising emerging trends and transforming them into successful startups. From curriculum development to AI education, my diverse ventures underscore my ability to innovate, adapt and chart paths to new opportunities.



Feel free to reach out for training sessions covering the topics listed below, as well as related subjects. Your learning & growth are important and I am here to assist you.

AI And AI Tools

Distribution And Sales Management

Campus To Corporate Transition 

AI And Office Productivity

Soft Skills & Team Building

AI And Entreperneurship



Immersed in the world of words, I find solace and creativity in the act of writing. This hobby is a canvas on which I paint my thoughts, dreams, and observations. With every stroke of the keyboard or pen, I give life to stories, ideas and emotions that reside within me. Writing is not just an outlet; it's a way to capture fleeting moments, explore uncharted territories of imagination and share a piece of my soul with the world. Whether it's crafting captivating narratives, insightful essays or even jotting down fleeting musings; my passion for writing is a constant companion that allows me to express, reflect and connect.

So far, I have written 7 books as listed below:

1. Extra-ordinary Parenting : Extraordinary Parenting delves deep into the art of nurturing and guiding readers on a transformative journey to raise empowered, compassionate and resilient children with an Indian context.

2. Jai Shri Ram : This book details the mission and vision behind Lord Ram's exile and paints the contemporary politics in the flavour of the era. This book is in Hindi language and discusses the planning and execution abilities of Lord Ram.

3. Deciphering Blockchain And Cryptocurrencies : The book delves into the intricacies of these technologies, offering clear insights to demystify their concepts and empower readers to navigate the world of digital assets confidently.

4. 251 Productivity Hacks : It is a comprehensive guide that unlocks the secrets to optimizing efficiency and achieving more in less time, offering actionable strategies for individuals and professionals seeking to excel in their endeavours.

5. Mastering Time Discipline : It is a definitive exploration into effective time management techniques, equipping readers with the tools to harness their time wisely and maximize productivity in all aspects of life.

6. Exploring AI Tools : A Comprehensive Guide To ChatGPT And Beyond : It takes readers on a journey through the dynamic world of artificial intelligence, demystifying complex concepts and showcasing the practical applications of AI tools in various domains.

7. AI Productivity Hacks : It offers innovative insights into leveraging artificial intelligence to streamline workflows, boost efficiency, and enhance productivity, providing readers with a playbook of strategies to harness the full potential of AI in their daily tasks.

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